ST-JPS - Джакпот система

ST-JPS - Джакпот система

The Jackpot system makes it possible to connect in a single network all existing kinds of gambling machines in one Casino or game room regardless of their type (video slots from different manufacturers, gambling machines, etc). The number of the gambling machines, which can be connected is 50, but can be increased if needed. The system supports 3 separate Mystery Jackpots: Large, Medium and Small. The operator can set different values for each jackpot, namely:
The initial values can be preset or formed as a percentage of stakes "HIDDEN JACKPOT".
Percentage deduction from stakes of each gambling machine, from which the current values of the Jackpot panel is formed. 
Limits, in which the jackpot is active (from the settings menu the operator can  activate or not their visualization "RANGE").
The settings menu has all options, necessary for control and accounting for every hour and date
all events. Upon request the systems allows adding extra displays for visualization.


ST-JPS - Джакпот система схема на свързване

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