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image Казино игри и иновации ООД беше удобрена за излълнен проект по програма "Преодоля

5th Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo

image 5th Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo will be held 18-20 October, 2012


Slaveikov, bl. 154,
8005 Burgas, Bulgaria

+359 879 605 111, +359 898 486 508



Jewel Jackpot

Jewel  Jackpot

Jewel Jackpot is a progressive jackpot system that can work alone or as a network-based (connected) progressive jackpot system. Jewel Jackpot provides three different jackpots: "Diamond", "Ruby" and "Emerald".
The additional symbol “Jewel Jackpot" is added to the symbols of the video slots. It appears on the normal characters in the game.
When the symbol "Jewel Jackpot" appears on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel in the main game, a “Jackpot” bonus starts. It gurantees the player that he will win one of the progressive jackpots.During the Jackpot bonus game, the player selects boxes with jewelry. In each box there is a gem - a diamond, ruby or emerald. The bonus game continues until the player gathers 7 Emeralds, 5 Rubins and 3 diamonds. This way the player wins the jackpot.


Jewel Jackpot 1 Jewel Jackpot 2 Jewel Jackpot 3 Jewel Jackpot4

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