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Casino Games and Innovations owns licenses for manufacture and distribution of gaming machines. Using the resources of our highly qualified professionals and the partnership of companies in Europe and worldwide, we apply and introduce innovative ideas and solutions, that follow and are ahead of rapidly changing trends in the industry, applying the most modern technologies in the PRODUCTION of video slot gaming machines jackpot systems, poker, slot machines, multi game gaming machines, electronic roulette and others.

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Games The games CGI offers include video slot games and poker games. They feature high quality graphics, sound and reliability. The attention of the player is grabbed instantly of created atmosphere of genuine experience and entertainment. The games offer different options for bonus games, combined with progressive jackpot combinations and additional attractive benefits.

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Multi-game In the last few years multigame machines became one of the preferred products on the gaming market. Their main advantage is that they offer a few games in the same gaming equipment and the ability to be connected with jackpot systems. The multigames offered by CGI are a combination of different types of games, suitable for different categories of players in terms of gaming topics, bet size and frequency of gains.

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Cabinets The Casino Game Innovation slot machines making-up process ends in high-tech ergonomic cabinets. They come with options for Set one or two 19 "monitor, and installing cabinets touch displays. Available is an optional possibility to supplement the bank's receiver.

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Jackpot systems

Jackpot systems To satisfy the interest of connecting gaming machines Casino Game Innovation together with its partners developed and implemented a Jackpot system. A possible Jackpot makes different ways of connection of gaming machines available. Such gaming machines are adapted and set by the customer`s desires. This is in order to complete realization of the opportunities and increase profits.

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Европейско финансиране

image Казино игри и иновации ООД беше удобрена за излълнен проект по програма "Преодоля

5th Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo

image 5th Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo will be held 18-20 October, 2012


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